Checkered Leather Wallet Case For Samsung Galaxy S24 S23 S22 S21 S20 FE S10 Note 20 Ultra 10 Plus 9 8 Lanyard Flip Phone Cover

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Checkered Leather Wallet Case For Samsung Galaxy S24 S23 S22 S21 S20 FE S10 Note 20 Ultra 10 Plus 9 8 Lanyard Flip Phone Cover 1


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Product Description

Checkered Leather Wallet Case For Samsung Galaxy S24 S23 S22 S21 S20 FE S10 Note 20 Ultra 10 Plus 9 8 Lanyard Flip Phone Cover

[Size]: Wallet Phone Bag Cases.

[Material]: High quality PU Wallet Small Fragrance Flip Leather Material.

[Color]: Rose gold, Purple, Dark green, Black, Red, Mint green.

[Advantage]: Leather Wallet+Magnetic Flip+Stand Support+Card Slots.

[Design]: Fashion Design,Easy to put on and easy to take off.

[Function]: Great protection of your phone from dirt, scratches, and damag.

Additional Information

Weight0.085 kg
Dimensions8 × 6 × 5 cm
Brand Name





Flip Case




Magnetic, Washable, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Scratch, Card Pocket, Dual Layer, Dustproof, With holder, WIth Kickstand, With Lanyard, lightweight, Matte/Anti-Glare, Non-Slip, Storage Compartment, Water-Resistant, With Clip, With Strap

Compatible Brand



Rose gold, Purple, Green, Black, Red, Mint green


High Quality PU Leather+Soft TPU


Card Slots+Magnetic Flip+Stand Support+Hand Rope


Shockproof & Dirt-Proof & Anti-Scratch

Compatible Model 1

For Samsung Galaxy S23

Compatible Model 2

For Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

Compatible Model 3

For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Compatible Model 4

For Samsung Galaxy S22

Compatible Model 5

For Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Compatible Model 6

For Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Compatible Model 7

For Samsung Galaxy S21

Compatible Model 8

For Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Compatible Model 9

For Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Compatible Model 10

For Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Compatible Model 11

For Samsung Galaxy S20

Compatible Model 12

For Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Compatible Model 13

For Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Compatible Model 14

For Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Compatible Model 15

For Samsung Galaxy S10

Compatible Model 16

For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Compatible Model 17

For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Compatible Model 18

For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Compatible Model 19

For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Compatible Model 20

For Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Compatible Model 21

For Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Compatible Model 22

For Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Compatible Model 23

For Samsung Galaxy S24

Compatible Model 24

For Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Compatible Model 25

For Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Compatible Model 26

For Samsung Galaxy S23 FE





18 reviews for Checkered Leather Wallet Case For Samsung Galaxy S24 S23 S22 S21 S20 FE S10 Note 20 Ultra 10 Plus 9 8 Lanyard Flip Phone Cover

  1. M***n

    quick delivery. I doubt it’s leather but not bad.

  2. w***r

    It’s like a screen. If you open the packaging, there is also a strap inside. It took about 12 days and 10 days.

  3. L***y

    More pretty than testing when I have such

  4. Shopper


  5. t***a


  6. S***a


  7. Shopper

    More red than you think.
    But it’s a color my mom would love.
    The quality is not bad, but one came wrong…
    I’m trying to get him back.

  8. D***n

    Very well excellent quality

  9. Shopper

    It’s cheap, and I didn’t expect it to be from abroad. It’s okay. You need to use more quality. Mi-B. The appearance is good ~ ~!! The delivery was fast.

  10. a***f

    hi my dear friend I have my order ☺️ you are the best 👌 5 🌟 for you good fast shipping i will deal with you again thanks

  11. M***o

    It is perfect and beautiful as it is in the photo and corresponds to the phone thank you

  12. U***n

    Good material and color equal to the description. I arrived very fast

  13. Shopper

    It’s nice to look cool.

  14. R***o

    Super pretty warm exelent identical to the image that time

  15. n***n

    Very beautiful and beautiful

  16. O***r


  17. J***m

    The quality or design is very good for the price.

  18. F***i

    Super very beautiful

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